We are a socially conscious company; "Choose Love or Choose Kindness" to spread love throughout your day~

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  • Giving Back 5% of all Gross Revenue!

    When you make a purchase, there is a drop down menu that you can "CHOOSE" which organization you would like a donation made to. You can do an "even" split or you can "choose one" that may be close to your heart. This is not something that you are investing in. We are making the investment based on your purchase. We are inviting you to participate in the giving by selecting which organization to allocate 5% of the sale to...how's that for "having a choice" today?

    And the best part is it's not costing you a penny-we are investing in our youth and children with 5% of Gross sales. 

  • Launching CHOOSE APPAREL

    Each "quote" has deep meaning behind it... a reminder that we can live in love and behave in a kind way towards ourselves and others. A gentle reminder for ourselves and others we encounter to come from love and not hate. Each "quote" is a gentle reminder of how we want to live today...It's your choice!