We are a socially conscious company; "Choose Love or Choose Kindness" to spread love throughout your day~

Giving Back 5% of all Gross Revenue!

Mary and I am excited to share that we have decided to team up with multiple non profit organizations to "pay it forward". 

Non Profits focused children and teens are dear to both of our hearts. Mary and I have spent months having conversations on what is important to us and how we can make a difference right here in the USA.

Plain and simple, we are donating 5% of all gross revenue off the top line, to a number of different non-profits that have national presence and have been vetted. 

When you make a purchase, there is a drop down menu that you can "CHOOSE" which organization you would like the donation made to. You can do an "even" split or you can "choose one" that may be close to your heart. This is not something that you are investing in. We are making the investment based on your purchase. We are inviting you to participate in the giving by selecting which organization to allocate 5% of the sale to...how's that for "having a choice" today?

We are excited about this program-it doesn't cost you a penny more-each donation is managed in our back store application/infrastructure  and monthly donations are automatically deducted from our business debit card. This is all managed by a third party vendor independent of CHOOSE APPAREL for total transparency.

We are open to considering a Non Profit that you may be passionate about. We have the ability to include up to 12 organizations of your "CHOICE" of where you would like to see us donate 5% of your purchase price. Let us know if you would like us to explore adding a new one to the offerings.

There is a process we have to go through if the Non Profit is not currently one of the 150 available in the "back office". 

So here we are today, excited to continue to pay it forward by being of service financially to causes that bring HOPE and LIFE SKILLS to our youth!

CHOOSE APPAREL is a "Socially Conscious" organization striving to inspire healthy conscious change in MIND, BODY & SOUL. 

We are excited to have you in our growing community; we realize you have lots of choices. We appreciate you and grateful that you are excited to wear Choose Apparel, "It's your choice"!

Mary Kelley, Jay Rothman

Founders, Choose Apparel

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