We are a socially conscious company; "Choose Love or Choose Kindness" to spread love throughout your day~


As the launch date for Choose Apparel is upon us, we are excited for this product line!

We believe in the concept and products we have developed. 

It has been a business idea for close to a year that has been under development. 

As we have come to understand through our own healing journey, we have choices in every thought, idea, decision and behavior. As human beings, we tend to get caught up in an obsessive thought without realizing there may in fact be an alternative solution. Once we slow our thinking down long enough to allow the wisdom or intuition to come from within, new alternative choices sprout up like a beautiful plant from a little seedling. Pause, reflect and action is a healthy tool to reach for which allows for us to come from a loving kind place. 

Thus CHOOSE APPAREL was born. A one of a kind custom print on demand store where you can choose which "inspirational quote" feels right for you today. Maybe even consider investing in a few for yourself and another person in your life; "It's your choice"!

Each quote" has deep meaning behind it... a reminder that we can live in love and behave in a kind way towards ourselves and others. A gentle reminder for ourselves and others we encounter to come from love and not hate. Each "quote" is a gentle reminder of how we want to live today...It's your choice!

Jay Rothman

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