We are a socially conscious company; "Choose Love or Choose Kindness" to spread love throughout your day~

About Us

Jay's Story:

My journey began back in the fall of 2015; having hit rock bottom and bankrupt emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. I had to be willing to have the courage to change. It meant I had to literally change every aspect of my life including detaching from long term relationships & friendships. I needed to learn how to slow down from a frantic career pace, poor nutrition, multiple addictions and lack of physical well being. 

I had to be willing to work daily to go deep within to "come home" to my inner child & soul. Facing deep childhood wounds and traumas allowed me to begin the healing process of MIND, BODY & SOUL. 

Diagnosed with  8 major chronic medical conditions, I had to be willing to change every aspect of my lifestyle or die. 

Through this journey of healing, I began to experience mindfulness, awareness and consciousness referred to as the "awakening".

Most of the medical conditions have been reversed and the progress continues. It comes down to creating daily rituals of self~care. Total commitment to myself first, so that I have balance within, therefore being present for those in my life.

Today, I understand that life is about choices. 

Mary's Story:

Three years ago, I began the healing journey of my own self. I had to be willing to surrender old belief systems, thoughts and behaviors. It has been a process of self reflection, truth's and total surrender. Today, my life is much improved having "come home" to myself with a greater understanding of what's important.

Self care and balance have led to self love. 

Jay & I met early on in our healing processes and it's been an intimate experience  learning how to live, love, laugh and learn together. 

About "Choose Apparel"

Through our healing journey, Choose Apparel was born. An idea that we believe in helps make a difference in people's lives. We brainstormed Choose Apparel into a full product line of inspirational products that are reminders of healthy ways to behave and live life with purpose.  A "tool" that reminds us on how to treat oneself and others.

When we wear our own apparel, strangers are nicer...they smile and energy shifts to a positive exchange of conversation.

One encounter with a Choose Apparel helps others improve their day with a new smile! A Gift we get to give away just by wearing a thought provocative "CHOICE"

We are excited that you are in our store and about to consider an investment of "Choose". 

We will update the product line quite often and introduce new products.

Be the change in your own life and influence others by a simple "Choose Apparel"

Thank you for stopping by and have a beautiful day; "It's your CHOICE"!

Jay Rothman, Mary Kelley